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Hair loss and Self confidence: How it affects our relationship in the bedroom.

Hair loss can leave your self confidence fractured … Read More

Devastating Effects of Hairloss on Mental Health

‘I turned 30 and thought: I have to get a grip on myself. Kids … Read More

My Parents Lost their Hair, Will I?

My parents lost their hair, will I? It’s difficult to disentangle hard fact from … Read More

6 Ways Drinking Water Enhance Hair Growth

Based on a detailed experiment conducted by The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering … Read More

Pro Tips on How Dehydration Affects Your Hair

Dehydration or simply not having enough water in our body can have a … Read More

Before Moisturizing Your Braided Extension…Take Note Of This?

Moisturizing your braided extensions is very important. Contrary to popular beliefs, protective styles … Read More

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