KC Mills Number One Event
Behind the Beauty 2018
Tenisha Bibbs, Behind the Beauti

Interview with Dr Reed, The Relationship Architect, Guest, and Tenisha’s Makeup Artist

Elaine Lord’s TASB Anti-Bullying Campaign

Local Barbers, Stylists, and the team of Barbers Are Us Plus out of Tampa. Special interview from Jacob Krakowski, conquering bullying and empowering others!

Yolanda Websters’ Paint the City Pink Cut Party with special guest Kirk Pro
The BBU Awards by Tim Johnson

New Show Date: Sunday March 15th At Salon Pennae Buckhead

Topic: Is Hairloss Contributed To Wig Addiction?


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Topic: How are "grown" hairstyles for children defined ?


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Topic: Styling Diversity on Servicing Different Hair Textures


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Topic: show to The Rise of Ethnic Hairstyles in Hollywood


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