Who is “The Hair Debate?”



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This platform was formed to engage consumers in the many areas that hair affects our everyday life. From relationships, self-love, to identifying with ourselves, hair has always defined our very being.  Consumers will now have a way of voicing their questions, beliefs and debate their idea of haircare.

Many individuals are suffering from depression from a traumatic experience, lack of self-esteem and self-love. This platform was developed to connect professionals that have the experience and desire to inspire and encourage. We will motivate individuals that hide behind masks such as hair extensions, and weave which keeps them in a dysweaphoriastate.  A condition using hairpieces and makeup to camouflage pain, trauma, or faith in oneself which results in false security and restricts from managing distress.

The Hair Debate has evolved into a show with panelists that are committed to addressing issues that are going to defeat the stigmas of dysweaphoriaand debunk the traditions of hair care.



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