What is Our Mission

The Hair Debate Mission 2019

The Hair Debate.com is an association of professionals in haircare and healthcare that has connected, to bridge the gap in educating consumers on haircare. This platform was created for you to have a voice where we debate, debunk, and discover all things hair, and what’s happening in and around the hair industry. This movement will create a paradigm shift with both consumers and healthcare professionals that we are more than hairstylists, but haircare providers.  Over the course of your career, I’m sure you’ve come across a number of questions your clients had pertaining to haircare and growth issues.  Throughout the years, these questions continued to go unanswered.  High co-payments from the medical industry and lack of trust have discouraged clients from seeking the answers to their questions to settling, relying on their own research such as Web MD. So, let me introduce, The Hair Debate talk show. A broadcast where your voice will be heard and every question answered.


The Hair Debate will Debate the inconsistencies with technique, products, and information. We will Debunk the old traditions that have not developed over time and Discover the new artifacts and advanced devices that cultivate this industry.

This platform has blessed me in many areas. Being able to help women battle weave addiction as I have, and the fulfillment of operating in my purpose after experiencing a life of trauma. Our mission is to motivate and give hope, to many. We will inspire and encourage other women through my experience to conquer their dreams and purposes. We ALL have been waiting for the next exciting thing with no drama and IT” S HERE!


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