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fashion commentary

‘Writing a commentary is an important part of preparing for a fashion show” but we are not actually preparing for a fashion show; we are just preparing for the season. Over the week, Thehairdebate team has been commenting on Instagram fashionistas, especially on how their outfit compliments their hairstyles and we thought it will be really nice if we can share some of it here for you.  

Below are some commentary on certain outfit and hairstyles out Instagram

Beauteous woman with voluminous curly hairstyle in elegant party outfit posing. 

We love how her voluminous curly hair compliment her V necked sweater, giving adequate attention to her necklace!

Aimee Kelly outfit is not a riots of red but a beautiful blend of it.

Aimee kelly

More dazzling than deadly, the reds are healthy, warm and vibrant, proving fashion’s heart beats. Not surprisingly, Aimee Kelly outfit is not a riot of reds but a beautiful blend of reds.

There is a theory called the Red Dress effect. It tells you that if you wear Red you will look more appealing and attractive to others than if you are wearing any other color

Not to forget about her hairstyle!! The kinky curls blends perfectly with the discreet red lining.

Don’t hesitate to flaunt your reds and curls like Aimee Kelly this Christmas season 🙃😊

Morale Ocain commentary “Long bangs allows the focus to play on your eyes, and cheekbones, so don’t be afraid to highlight them!” 

Yvette Corinne looking stylish

Yvette Corinne looking stylish

The white sweater creates a feminine proportion and transforms the portion of the sweater behind into shadows of a peplum.

The sheen of the skirt adds a nice contrast to the matte quality of the sweater. The dangling movement of her short weavon having a good conversation with the rapid dangling of her boot lace. Her choice of colors! Brown boots, brown bag, brown skirt and white sweater are simply magical!

Aubrey Melvin commentary

“The sweater and boots makes this outfit . The white sweater makes the black skirt pop. The black boots compliments the sweater and the way she styled her hair “with the middle part” makes it look elegant & it doesn’t take the outfit away“.

Yvette Corinne is definitely looking stylish on this outfit ✅

Textured gown, Black leathered and Double  Ponytail.

Textured gown, Black leathered and Double  Ponytail.

I love the whimsy in this look – textured gown, black leathered boot, double ponytail. It’s fashion at it’s best.

The lines worked into the gown have a dynamism that brings to mind Zebra but the stripes is unmatched and talking about the colors! Black and white always have a strong affection! So the black boots, black double ponytails and the white gown compliments perfectly.

I also love the waves and smoothness of the hair; it’s like the calm in the middle of a storm.

Morale Ocain commentary
“The little girl ponytails is a great way to keep the hair secure, and out of the face. With the back down, it allows the style to be age appropriate. Pulling the hair back allows you to accessorize with head/hair jewelry. Mother, and daughter styles are beautiful and is a great connection. We’re seeing it more.”

What Hairstyle Goes With Hairstyle

fashion commentary

Hairstyles to wear with a jumpsuit, It is possible to use the hair below the shoulder. Ponytail will also look great in certain occasions. It is up to you to look stylish or plain with your outfit combinations.

Some ladies don’t consider their hairstyles important when dressing up. If you don’t have the right hairstyle on, you can inadvertently ruin your outfit. You may wear a very beautiful dress but then your coiffure diminishes its glory because you failed to pay attention to little details – svelte magazine. 

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