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The Hair Debate Season 3 provides a great platform to discuss its hair issues and its solutions since hair plays an important role in your personality.
The Hair Debate Show educates consumers on all things hair. We are connecting the hair and healthcare industries through education from specialists and professionals. On Season 3, we have a panel of 4 individuals. I’m a Master Licensed Cosmetologist, and Author of Seven Love Languages of Hair. Accompanying me on the panel is, Dr. Donna Oriowo, Certified Therapist Amanda Nicholson, and professional guests of various industries. We bring forward issues that plague our industry to the surface. This platform was formed to engage consumers in the many areas that hair affects our everyday life. From relationships, self-love, to identifying with ourselves, hair has always defined our very being. Consumers will now have a way of voicing their questions, beliefs and debate their ideas of haircare.

Many individuals are suffering from depression from traumatic experiences, lack of self-esteem and self-love. This platform was developed to connect professionals that have the experience and desire to inspire and encourage. We will motivate individuals that hide behind masks such as hair extensions, and weaves which keep them in a dysweaphoria state. A condition using hairpieces and makeup to camouflage pain, trauma, or faith in oneself which results in false security and restricts from managing distress. The Hair Debate has evolved into a show with panelists that are committed to addressing issues that are going to defeat the stigmas of dysweaphoria and debunk the traditions of hair care. Partner with a platform where your opinion can assist with edifying and creating change to affect the generations to come. Subscribe to The Hair Debate’s YouTube channel where we, Debunk, Debate, Discover All Things Hair.

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Morale Ocain
CEO, Brand Ambassador 
 Dr Donna Oriow  
Author of Cocoa Butter & Hair Grease
Amanda Nicholson
Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist & PhD Candidate at Widener University.

The Hair Debate Preview of Season 3


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